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Autum or autumn is the time when we are preparing for the tuff time to come during the winter months. Have we been clever enough to prepare for the cold winter and the challenges to come? It was at least the mantra in the god-ol-days.

Modern people live a different life and we have our technology and comfort to bring us through the dark months.

Most of us don't experience such challenges of the past. Instead, they have become a part of our cultural heritage and we mainly meet them as part of the storytelling in books, movies and other kinds of entertainment.

On the other hand it can still be worthwhile to keep in mind the former reflection: Are we well enough prepared for the time to come?

In our time the World is a strange mixture of the very near and the very far away. Through the TV channels we 'experience' violence and challenges at the closest distance. Sometimes people are more concerned for the people they feel they know from TV than their immediate neighbours!

For many people the Internet is also such a strange mixture of the very far away that comes into close distance or even become something like a family member - The notion 'virtual reality' is not a bad wording for that.

Many smart people have realised that for long time ago. Other less smart people believed too much in others: They spend their fortune in the dot-com rally and lost a lot of it and their pension during the dot-com crash. They thought a 'new economy' was of another nature than the well known brick and mortar economy all of us of a certain age are brought up to respect and invest in.

Autumn is a good season to make sound decisions. Web space and domains for websites are the virtual real estate of our time. We still have to respect the good old economic rules and lessons we were brought up with, but we sleep over if we don't pay attention to this new challenge and opportunity. Many middle-aged people have found a combination of economic opportunity and a way to engaged in one of their interests by establishing them on the internet.

You can create a hobby site which will attract others with the same interest and when you get traffic to your site you also get business opportunities. You can offer your visitors specific products that fit their special interest. You don't need to sell the things by yourself, because the Internet functions in a way so you can just refer your visitors to the companies who actually sell the goods and they will pay you for getting customers from your website.

These days the price for website is only a fraction of what it was for a few years ago. You will find such a good and serious offer of web hosting at iPowerWeb here

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An integral part of building a successful online business is
matching offerings directly to the needs of visitors. The
better your products or services address the needs of your
visitors, the more successful you'll be. Conversely, if your
offerings are not "in sync" with your visitor's needs, don't
expect to break the bank anytime soon.

Although there are numerous ways to get a firm "grip" on
what it is a visitor expects from your Web site (like
scouring your log files to determine the keywords your
visitors are using to find your site, as well as the pages
that seem to generate the most interest), Site-Build-IT with the NEW Form Build It! provides an exciting and more accurate way...

It allows SBIers the ability to go straight to their site
visitors, and ask *them* what it is that *they* want. What better way to determine their needs?

With Form Build It!, SBIers can create the simplest or
most complex of polls or surveys, and pose questions that
will allow them to fine tune or perhaps slightly alter the
content and/or "direction" of their Web sites to more
completely address the needs of their visitors.

That is really a good thing.

You will get more information about these possibilities here

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